The Sattler Solar Story

Willkommen! I’m Erik, CEO and Founder of Sattler Solar. I got my start in the renewable energy business in 2011 while working for the solar engineering group, EDF Renewable Energy. Prior to my time with EDF, I worked for several smaller civil engineering firms as a Principal Engineer on Land Development Projects with an emphasis on Grading and Storm Water management. I have held a Professional Engineers license in the State of California since 2006 and became a LEED A.P. in 2008.
During my time with EDF, I noticed how many solar installers struggled with their permitting process and design specifications. These pitfalls not only resulted in unpleasant surprises during the install process, but brought large contingencies that led to higher-than-necessary installation costs for the solar customer.
Around this time, I designed and installed a solar PV system for my home in San Diego. I realized that reliable support for installers (professional and DIY installers alike) was not easy to come by, and so I began dreaming about starting a company that would offer these services. From the beginning, Sattler Solar’s motivation has been three-fold:
(1) To reduce installation costs.
(2) To help improve efficiencies throughout the design, permitting, and install process.
(3) To make solar more affordable for and available to a wider audience.
I’m passionate about creating a sustainable future for all of us, and seek to go above and beyond customer expectations.
Erik Sattler, PE, LEED AP
CA Contractor License #1017484
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About Sattler Solar

Sattler Solar provides sustainable solar development for both residential and commercial properties. We work tirelessly to make solar projects more affordable by offering efficiency gains for professional solar installers. We are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance on self install projects, and we are licensed to sell solar equipment. If you need installation support, PV Permit Plans, solar equipment, or one of our many consulting services, we are here to help!
The return of installing a solar system in southern California is typically in the double digits. There’s no doubt that solar is a respectable investment in both your wallet and the environment. For example, an $8,000 investment can easily save you over $800 a year on your electricity bill. Did you know that the 30% Federal Tax Credit has been extended until the end of 2019 (and after that at lower rates until phased out)? Plus, SDG&E Net Energy Metering 2.0 has been enacted and is much more consumer friendly than initially predicted. A solar system typically has a lifetime of at least 25 years with its major components carrying warranties up to 25 years. And if all of that wasn’t enough, we typically find that solar panels last even longer under normal conditions (35-40 years).
Sustainability means we work hard to increase efficiencies so you can keep your costs down, plus solar energy helps us make the world a more sustainable, greener place.
Honesty means we are on your team. We truly believe in the environmentally sustainable approach that solar energy offers, and want to help you achieve this reality in the most time and budget-friendly manner possible.
Reliability means we take seriously our commitment to completing projects on or before the deadline.
Sattler Solar strives to be a partner you can rely on. Our leadership has over a decade of experience collectively in both land development and renewable energy project development. You can be assured that your project needs will be swiftly and professionally addressed.


We pride ourselves in providing a 5-star customer experience. With prompt communication, strict professionalism, and a quick turn-around time on your project, we aim to exceed your expectations while working together. We invite you to see what others are saying about their experience with Sattler Solar: